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Constance tried the phone in the office of the warehouse she and Kevin were hiding in while he was out getting supplies.  It was working!

Dialing a number she bit her lip hoping that he'd answer.  She didn't even know if he was using that safe house.

"Erik, I've run into a little trouble.  They're dead..." She sank to the floor the realization fully hitting after everything else that had happened in the past month.  "I escaped Hydra, have one of their projects with me.  We're in Alaska, ten miles south of Anchorage, I don't have chalk with me.  If they find us I'm useless in a fight.  They damaged the seal I use to activate the Alchemy."  She was watching the door from where she sat on the floor. Right now this was the best he'd get for her asking for help.
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 Two days, that's how long she had been there, at least as far as she knew.  Constance's wrists were kept behind her, kept her from using her alchemy to attack the men that had caught her when she stepped off the plane in Seattle.  At first she had thought that it was because of Erik, but they hadn't once questioned her about him.  

Instead it was about her father's project and how she was able to use his sciences.  When she had refused to talk she was hit, nothing she didn't expect at least, but seemed like they were bored with that tactic.  The door to the interrogation room opened.  Constance braced herself for another round.  

Somewhere else the man in charge of the project grinned a little.  There were two reasons she was there, and with luck the second reason would help with the first.


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